Sacred Fires is a guild which has been formed in response to Avatar Adi Da Samraj and his calling to produce unique articles of jewelry that invoke the feeling of the sacred by adorning, protecting, and blessing the wearer.

Avatar Adi Da’s basic instruction relative to Sacred Art is a challenge to awaken modern humankind from our orientation of egoic expression in the arts:

It is important to understand that the matter of sacred art is a profound discipline. In the conventional setting, to be an artist, you must be technically competent and creatively enthusiastic. In the sacred context, however, you must also, at the very least, be someone who is active from the real depth of devotional contemplation.

In sacred art, you are required to press beyond your usual tendencies—what you are assuming yourself to be all the time and all of your presumed limitations. Where there is true sacred art, the created object itself is actually empowered by virtue of the process that it took to manifest it. It is imbued with the Divine. Therefore, the doing of sacred art requires not only full capability and competence relative to the technicalities of the art—and real creativity, of course—but the performance of the sacred art requires the fullest development of Spiritual practice and the fullest submission to the Divine.”

We look forward to the ongoing study and development of sacred jewelry and the opportunity to share the study of this through this website.

For Sacred Fires Guild information please contact:

Mary Nerney —

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